Mixing plant
  • Solid preparation equipment

    Solid preparation equipment

    Complete set of solid preparation equipment mainly includes wet granulation production line, dry granulation production line, mixing machine, coating machine, elevator, cleaning machine, turnover hopper, etc.

  • Powder engineering

    Powder engineering

    Powder equipment includes conveying, unpacking and unloading, crushing, screening, dust-free metering and packaging equipment.

  • Intelligent information system

    Intelligent information system

    Independently developed the first domestic solid preparation information management system, the future intelligent information production data. The overall solution of intelligent information system includes solid preparation information management system, production execution management system, information traceability system, 3D simulation, VR technology development and wanshen yun-remote operation and maintenance system.

  • Process Analysis Technology (PAT)

    Process Analysis Technology (PAT)

    Based on the requirement of the online analytical instrument and laboratory research service objectives, to provide the representative samples, timeliness and reliability of information as the core task, using automatic control technology, computer technology and professional software, form a from sampling, pretreatment and analysis to the data processing and storage of the complete system, so as to realize online automatic monitoring of the sample.

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