Information tracing system

One object one code centered and traceable whole process solution

One object one code centered and traceable whole process solution Information tracing system: connect each link of drug circulation, so that consumers can check the whole production process and circulation process through commodity code. Due to the establishment of product information database of the whole process as raw materials - production - packaging - circulation, once the problem is found, the product can be effectively controlled and recalled according to the database system, from the source to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.



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    National Medical Products Administration issued the guidance on the construction of drug information traceability system (no.35 [2018] of NMPA), putting forward clear guidance on the establishment of drug information traceability system. The goal of information traceability system is to make the whole process of drug production, circulation and use be traceable. Drug marketing license holder and manufacturers may establish their own drug information traceability system, or use the services of third-party technical institutions, and according to the unified requirements of drug traceability code, assign unique traceability labels to sales and packaging units at all levels of products, so as to achieve information-based traceability.


  •  Based on the standard construction of "one object one code" and "both the code and the object can be traceable simultaneously", this system traces the information of various links such as raw materials, production, packaging and circulation of products to establish a safe and reliable information database. Batch data record can be standard, true and reliable. It is equipped with intelligent computer management system and data platform to realize intelligent control and automatic generation of electronic batch records. Data can be stored for a long time and automatically backed up;

    Business process

    From raw material traceability, product production and processing process traceability to circulation process traceability, the whole process of product information tracking, consumers can check the detailed information of any stage through the terminal equipment, to meet the requirements of consumers on product quality and safety, to improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

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